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#Purpose:For EXP/IMP
echo  “Please enter you username with DBA privilegs,default system:”
read username
echo “Username is: $username”
echo  “Please enter you password:”
read password
echo “Password Is:$password”
echo -n “Enter you choice: y[yes]; n[no]:”
sleep 10

read choice
case $choice in

if [ $result -ne 0 ]
source ~/.bash_profile
sqlplus  $username/$password@${conn_str}  <<EOF
set head off;
set echo off;
set lin 200;
spool ‘/tmp/dis_pk.sql’;

select ‘ alter table  ‘||s.owner||’.’|| table_name  ||’ disable primary key cascade;’
from dba_constraints s
where s.constraint_type=’P’
and s.owner not in(‘SYS’,’SYSTEM’,’SYSMAN’);

spool off;

more /tmp/dis_pk.sql | sed ‘/^$/d’ | sed ‘1d’|sed ‘1d’ |more |sed ‘$d’|sed ‘$d’ > /tmp/tmp.sql

sqlplus  $username/$password@${conn_str}  <<EOF
set timing on;
prompt Now Staring Disable All triggers:
set timing on
execute dbms_lock.sleep(5);

if [ $? -eq 0 ]
    then echo “Note:Disable PK Succeed!”

cd /tmp && rm *.sql
   echo “Not proceding,Now exiting!”

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